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ICF Office is one of the most innovative furniture manufacter for the office environment.

ICF was founded in Italy in the 1950s and was immediately characterized by a passion for research: it was one of the companies that made a significant contribution to the birth and success of Italian design in those years. Its product range has always been decidedly innovative: it was one of the first in Italy to produce partition walls (Interparete Programme, 1965) or open space wall systems and partition systems (Brick System 1970, 1982/3). A trend towards product innovation that characterises the history of the ICF but also its topicality.
The company's firm point is to believe in design and research as a corporate value and not just as a mere formal fact: creativity is achieved by continuously working on every detail, solving technical and production problems. Only in this way can an idea become something concrete, an object that makes it easier for us to carry out our daily activities.
Another point of attention of the ICF is to believe that every company has a series of responsibilities also towards society, and among these one of the main ones is certainly the environmental one. It pays particular attention to the design of products based on the use of materials and energy. The design of the products takes into account a double requirement: the use of recycled materials and the recovery of the largest percentage of components. Some pieces have been designed in an innovative way, and have obtained certification that they are recyclable in a percentage greater than 90%. This way, at the end of their useful life, they can be recovered economically and without problems for the environment.

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