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Fold Sofa True Design

Model/Estimated delivery time from 6 to 20 business weeks
Structure Finishing
Coating Colour
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True Design Fold sofa available in 4 different models. Discover our best price.

From a portion the whole, from a detail the name: Fold is the first born of 967arch designer for True Design company. A sofa with two faces: the soft one for the seat and the architectural one for the backrest and armrests. Raised from the floor thanks to a tubular iron base with shaped legs, its wooden shell appears even more material and light in its consistency. Like a sheet, the wooden sides bend, contrasting the apparent rigidity of the material, to accommodate the ergonomic sinuosity of the upholstery.

Indicative delivery time:

6/8 business weeks.


228x82xh70 cm

228x100xh70 cm

318x82xh70 cm

318x100xh70 cm

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