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Valerie Chair Miniforms

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Miniforms Valerie chair available in 3 different finishings. Discover our best price.

Miniforms Valerie is a dining chair where all functional choices are confirmed and conveyed in its shape. Valerie wants to be simple, rustic, natural, blunt, welcoming, comfortable... in a world: functional. The wood, king of natural materials, can do nothing but confirm these choices. The 4 branches-like legs support a polished-looking back made of bent wood, while at the same time remind the origin of the material itself: nature. The shape conveys the functional identity of the project, yet it does not distract the beholder but, at the contrary, it brings the focus on the essence of the chair itself. Valerie can be used to furnish simple environments with a rustic feel or modern living rooms with a young taste, thanks to the 3 different available finishings.  Recommended for all those people who want to furnish an environment able to charm with simplicity.  

Indicative delivery time:

6/8 business weeks.


59x55xh78 cm

59,5x55xh78 cm with armrests

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