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Utility Chair L. Ercolani

Structure finishing
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L. Ercolani Utility chair available in 10 finishings. Discover our best price.

The Utility chair by L. Ercolani is a wooden minimal chair characterized by strength, durability and a classic elegance. The six ash spindles and curved seatback, alongside the sculpted saddle seat provide a comfortable and supportive sit. The chair bow is steam bent from a single straight ash rail and then sanded and shaped to give its subtle and elegant profile. Traditional wedge joints, where the legs come right through the seat and a wedge is then inserted into a cut, before the leg stump is hand sanded flush with the seat, both provide a lovely design detail and a very strong joint.  Further strength is provided by the H-underframe. The Utility chair by L. Ercolani is available in 10 different finishings in order to satisfy all user's tastes and need. It is perfect when inserted in a dining room but it can also be used for the decoration of restaurants, bars and bistros.

Indicative delivery time:

6/7 business weeks.


49x55xh92 cm

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