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Delka represents a new way to live the office.

What is freedom? There are many answers: emotions, moments, action, expressions … For Delka freedom is the opportunity to choose; to decide how to organize space and live it according to your needs.
What makes that metal a special material, is its resistance and malleable nature at the same time. Delka has made his this feature and as metal can assume infinite ways of forms, as much Delka offers customers infinite ways of compositions, starting from 4 simple elements: workstations, cabinets, storage systems and office chairs.
Metal is a completely recyclable material, and the products made with it have a longer life respect to many other raw materials, reducing this way the consume in time.
The metal’s fire resistance property, makes it as one of the safest material for the building and making of industrial products.
Thanks to metal formaldehyde emissions are reduced, result: the working place is more healty.

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