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Plydesign, a combination of excellent furniture design and well-being.

Plydesign was born out of the desire to create excellent furniture design which contributes to the well-being of people. Care, consciousness and curiosity have been shaping the core of their design approach where the fusion of technology and material make their imaginations a reality, the enhancement of people’s quality of life.Tamás Babits, founder and managing director of Plydesign and András Kerékgyártó, head of design, share the same holistic view – design, according to them, is not merely about creating objects, but it is a matter of deep understanding of social and personal context, therefore a physical answer for real everyday problems.With this mindset, Plydesign has successfully found a way to bring about such an ecosystem where end-users, stakeholders, partners, employees and team members equally find solutions for their needs.

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