List of products by brand Lestrocasa Firenze

Lestrocasa Firenze, a prestigious furniture company born in the heart of Italy.

Lestrocasa Firenze is a company specialized in the design and production of exclusive and innovative furniture for the home and office. It is the result of a passion for achieving better quality and a commitment to improving existing trends in interior decoration.
The long tradition of craftsmanship and the great experience in the handmade working of steel and glass offers Lestrocasa Firenze the opportunity to combine design, and quality, to create luxurious products that meet the demands of the most demanding customers.
One of the greatest merits of Lestrocasa Firenze is its flexibility, which offers the possibility of producing furniture, not only those presented in the commercial offer, but also to satisfy specific customer requirements for the residential market, for the hotel industry and other industrial branches.

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