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Originals Stacking Chair Ercol

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Structure finishing
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Originals Stacking Chair Ercol available in 10 finishings. Discover our best price.

The Originals Stacking Chair by Ercol is a wooden stackable chair suitable for the decoration of kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants and bistros. It was launched for the first time in 1957 and with years it has remained a must have in the design sector.The outward facing, tapered legs on these chairs mean that they stack vertically when they are not in use, combining versatility and style. The curved horizontal seat back not only looks good but also provides a supportive sit, combined with the moulded sturdy elm seat. A feature of this dining chair is the classic Windsor wedge joint, where the leg of the chair goes right through the seat; a wedge is then inserted into a cut in the leg, forming a remarkably strong joint. Sanded off flush with the seat, the joint then provides a beautiful design element. The Originals Stacking Chair by Ercol is available in 10 different elegant finishings in oredr to satisfy all user's tastes and needs.

Indicative delivery time:

6/7 weeks.


49x50xh80 cm

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