List of products by brand Bonaldo

Bonaldo 80 years of history, design and success.

Bonaldo, one of the most famous Italian furniture company was founded in 1936 by Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo who, in that period,  started out specialising in the processing of metals used in the furnishing industry. Transforming ideas into designs and making items that can successfully interpret the requirements of the contemporary world, generating excitement at first sight. The Bonaldo collection expresses continuously developing modernity, a path that attributes value to the experimentation of new materials and to partnerships with the best national and international designers. Over eighty years of history, for creating items that become an individual memory. Colour and dynamism for materials. Attention and care for every tiny detail. Bonaldo is a wide-reaching world, where excellence goes hand in hand with creativity. This is the spirit the company uses in interacting with the public, thanks to creative announcements that successfully communicate the brand identity and product quality. Knowing how to present oneself is an art in itself.

Alanda Chair Bonaldo
Amond Table Bonaldo
Angel - Angelina Chair Bonaldo
Ax Table Bonaldo
Bahia Chair Bonaldo
Balou Chair Bonaldo
Bandy Sofa Bonaldo
Basket Bonaldo
Big Table Bonaldo
Blanket Bed Bonaldo
Bonnie Stool Bonaldo
By Chair Bonaldo
Cave Sofa Bonaldo
Clip Stool Bonaldo
Clyde Table Bonaldo
Cop Table Bonaldo
Cubic Bookcase Bonaldo
Dragonfly Chair Bonaldo
Dream On Bed Bonaldo