List of products by brand Sixinch

The two keywords which characterize Sixinch company are: creativity and innovation.

"We all have creativity in the 'space between our ears', a space 150mms wide or to put it more illustratif - a good six inches." Sixinch’s mission is to give creativity a chance and a form. Thanks to the foam coating procedure, it is now possible to produce innovative concepts that have a dramatic impact without the associated headaches. The result is a unique design that is water- and weather- proof and easy to clean. A solution that is ideal for both professional and private interiors.

Barstool Sixinch
Cliffy Round Sofa Sixinch
Crash Bookcase Sixinch
Diamond Pouf 1 Sixinch
Grib Stool Sixinch
Louis 1B Armchair Sixinch
Louis 2B Loveseat Sofa Sixinch
Louis Armless Chair Sixinch
Louis Barstool Sixinch
Louis Bench Large Sixinch
Louis Bench Small Sixinch
Louis Coffee Table Sixinch
Louis II Armchair Sixinch
Louis III Sofa Sixinch
Louis With Arms Armchair Sixinch
Louis XL Sofa Sixinch
Lounge 2 Sofa Sixinch
Offshore Sofa Sixinch
Orange Beast Sofa Sixinch
Pilseat Seat Sixinch