List of products by brand Miniforms

Miniforms, a fantastic story, all Made in Italy.

Miniforms Company was born in Italy in the first 1970s as evolution of Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in year 1962 and producer of small tables and furnishing accessories. At the end of the eighties, Miniforms entered the international market, expanding its production: chairs, tables, beds, cabinets and bookcases were introduced, thus expanding the catalogue of new solutions for the living area.
The style that inspires the company is close to the idea of a sober house, with authentic materials and respect for the environment. The shapes and colours are essential, with clean and primary lines.
The materials used range from solid wood to sheet steel, from glass to aluminium, using environmentally friendly criteria for production.

Acco Coffee Table Miniforms
Acco Table Miniforms
Ali Armchair Miniforms
Ali Chair Miniforms
Amelia Chair Miniforms
Artù Table Miniforms
Barry Table Miniforms
Basilio Table Miniforms
Bino Table Miniforms
Bipede Table Miniforms
Bobino Side Table Miniforms
Botera Armchair Miniforms
Bubble Coat Rack Miniforms
Caio Coat-Hanger Miniforms
Caruso Cabinet Miniforms
Célia Cabinet Miniforms
Chap Coffee Table Miniforms
Claretta Bold Chair Miniforms
Claretta Chair Miniforms
Claretta Stool Miniforms
Colony Armchair Miniforms
Colony Coffee Table Miniforms
Colony Screen Miniforms
Colony Table Miniforms