List of products by brand Wogg

Wogg offers prestigious Swiss made furniture for the home and the office.

Wogg, is a luxury furniture company that for over 20 years has been producing - in collaboration with prestigious designers, high quality furniture, distinguished by an innovative character, always looking for a balance between purism and sensuality.
Advanced processing techniques, new materials and sophisticated functionality are the secret of Wogg innovative solutions.
In this collection - in the foreground - there is a reduction to the essential, so that people and spaces can occupy their rightful place.
Many of these pieces are already considered true furniture classics.

Alfredo Wogg38 Table Wogg
Eichenberger Wogg7 Table Wogg
Jörg Table Wogg43 Wogg
Pillar Box Wogg13 Cabinet Wogg
Roya Stackable Chair Wogg50 Wogg
Roya Wogg42 Chair Wogg
Screen Wogg 39 Wogg
Shelf Tower Wogg25 Bookcase Wogg
Wogg10 Shelf Wogg
Wogg12 Cabinet Wogg
Wogg54 Desk Wogg