List of products by brand Barcelona Design

Barcelona Design, luxury furniture, Spanish design and exclusive collections.

Since its origins in the 1970’s, BD has always been an atypical company. Its founders and still current owners, who come from an architectural background rather than the business field, have oriented BD’s production from the very start by cultivating beauty, in some cases above their function. Accompanied with artisanal processes instead of mass production, the new products always have more proximity to art than industrial design. Characterised by superior quality, short-series productions (and on occasion limited editions), and unique pieces due to crafted manufacturing. In the 80’s, BD pleasantly surprised by editing Gaudí’s furniture for his famous buildings and in the early 90’s, BD again astounded by introducing an exclusive first collection of furniture and lamps designed by Dalí. Recently the Collections and Designers with an accentuated artistic profile like Jaime Hayon and Doshi Levien, continue to point the way where design and art meet together.

Aquário Table Barcelona Design
Binaria Stool Barcelona Design img1
Binaria Stool Barcelona Design
Cabinet Aquário Barcelona Design
Chair B Barcelona Design
Couture Armchair Barcelona Design img1
Couture Armchair Barcelona Design
Couture Cabinet Barcelona Design
Dalilips Sofa Barcelona Design
Fang Table Barcelona Design
Gardenias Armchair Barcelona Design
Gaulino Chair Barcelona Design
Gaulino Table Barcelona Design
Jamaica Stool Barcelona Design
Janet Stool Barcelona Design
Mettsass Table Barcelona Design
Table B Wood Barcelona Design img1
Table B Wood Barcelona Design