List of products by brand Nanimarquina

Nanimarquina, coloured, high quality and creative rugs.

Immersed in a unique world of creativity from her early childhood, Nani Marquina’s father, Rafael Marquina, one of the pioneers of Spanish design, is the creator of the famous Marquina oil cruet. An icon of Spanish design, the cruet garnered the first prize during the inaugural edition of the ADIFAD Awards in 1961. This made a profound impression on Nani, fostering a deep conviction to follow in her father’s footsteps and the family tradition of design. Nani founded nanimarquina in 1987, driven by the desire to create innovative rugs.
Special attention and effort have been invested in searching for quality raw materials and manufacturing processes from the very beginning; factors that enrich the aesthetics of her designs, the main reason for the brand’s commercial success. In addition, thanks to her visionary attitude, Nani Marquina collaborates with prestigious international designers to create unique collections, the first textile designer to work on the concept of designer rugs. Growth and international acclaim would continue in 2002, with the addition of Nani’s daughter, María Piera Marquina.

Cal 1 Rug Nanimarquina
Cal 2 Rug Nanimarquina
Cal 3 Rug Nanimarquina
Kala Rug Nanimarquina
Rangoli Rug Nanimarquina
Manuscrit Rug Nanimarquina
Hayon x Nani Rug Nanimarquina
Oaxaca Outdoor Rug Nanimarquina
Tres Texture Rug Nanimarquina
Tres Rug Nanimarquina
Capas Rug Nanimarquina
Medina 1 Rug Nanimarquina
Medina 2 Rug Nanimarquina
Cuadros Rug Nanimarquina
Luna Rug Nanimarquina
Estambul Rug Nanimarquina
Do-Lo-Rez 1 Rug Nanimarquina
Do-Lo-Rez 2 Rug Nanimarquina
Limbo Rug Nanimarquina